Enable logging


(Yang.Y) #1

The default logging level is set to Info, Debug1, Debug2 and Debug3 each specify higher levels of verbose output.

Core Shell

Open or go to Hosts tab, right click on the host and select Edit Settings… from context menu, navigate to Connection tab, then scroll down to Log Level option.

Core Shell prints the verbose output on terminal window when connecting.

Core Tunnel

Navigate to tunnel's Settings…, Connection tab, then scroll down to Log Level option.

To reveal log content in Core Tunnel, click the arrow button on tunnel's summary pane:

Multi-Hop Connection
Ssh_config not being read
Warning: remote host identification has changed
After update to new helper some jump connections fail
Used Import but did not work
Update to 1.3.3 - error with ssh-key files
Error connecting cisco 6500
Core Tunnel - ProxyCommand with other ssh connection
Ipython notebook error
FAQ – Core Shell
Core Tunnel 1.2 - combination with yubikey stopped working
Multiple jump with multiple keys
FAQ – Core Tunnel
Abnormal Disconnect