Codinn Beta Program

Welcome to the Codinn Beta Program. This post explains how to install the betas and report problems. Thanks for helping us test our apps and make the next releases of Codinn apps our best yet.

Three steps to becoming a Beta Program member

The betas of Codinn apps are distributed via TestFlight. When you apply the beta program you’ll automatically be emailed a TestFlight invitation.

  1. Apply for Codinn Beta Program.
  2. You receive an invitation from TestFlight to try it out. Open this invitation email on the device that you’ll use for testing and click on View in TestFlight.
  3. Private access to the Beta Program category will be granted to you after applying, please feedback in that category.

Unsubscribe from TestFlight email updates

You can control how TestFlight can contact you for updates.

  1. Open the TestFlight app on your device
  2. Under Apps, tap Core Shell/ Tunnel
  3. Turn on Automatic Updates
  4. Turn off Email Notifications

If you want to completely stop beta testing, you can tap "Stop Testing" in TestFlight, which will remove you from our Beta Program (beta testers list) and you will no longer receive any new builds or notifications.

You can still sign up again in the future if you want to receive beta builds for Codinn apps again.


Premium features and purchases

In-app purchases are totally free during beta testing, and any in-app purchases made during testing will not carry over to App Store versions.

When the testing period is over, you'll no longer be able to open the beta build. To install the App Store version, download or purchase from the App Store


All data in Core Shell/ Tunnel are shared between Beta and App Store versions, includes — but is not limited to — user defaults, profiles, passwords, passphrases, private key and certificate.

Modify data on Beta version will affect App Store version, e.g. if you delete an imported private key in Beta version, it will go away in App Store version either.


Codinn apps Beta won't collect any personal data, and Privacy Policy for App Store version also applies to Beta version.

Apple will collect and send crash logs, your personal information such as name and email address, usage information, and any feedback you submit. Please refer to Testing Apps with TestFlight for detailed information.

Thanks for helping us make Core Shell/ Tunnel even better!

Codinn Team