Scrolling up

Hi, i have issue with scrolling(M1, BugSur latest). Scroll to Top, Page UP, Line Up don't work for me. At system Terminal its work pretty. How enable scroll bar at CoreShell or reassign keys combination for scroll?

Core Shell supports scrolling (includes home/end, page up/down, line up/down) inherently.

Could you please say more about your case? What shell / command line program do you use? Do you use an external Bluetooth keyboard?


Control-F, Control-B, Command-Z, Control-E and other works great. But scroll - no. Command and ↑ type symbol ~ at screen, not scroll. Keys Scroll to top or Line Up dont work. If i select it at menu - that not work too.
shell - bash.
keyboad - builtin macbook air.

How about scroll by using trackpad or mouse? It's that work?

Are you using tmux or other terminal multiplexer?

BTW, could you please take a screenshot of View menu?




Scroll by trackpad not working.
tmux not used.
Scroll in Terminal (standard app) - work, in ZenTermLite - work.

Weird, could not reproduce on my Mac. Could you please send me a copy of terminal output?

  1. Firstly, enable output tracking:
  2. Quit Core Shell.
  3. Cleanup files in output tracking directory (reveal the directory by clicking the button of right arrow with circle).
  4. Launch Core Shell again, and open a shell window to your remote host
  5. Reveal the output tracking directory and attach the output file

The output file contains terminal directives that remote host send to Core Shell, hence could help me reproduce and identify the problem.

Thank you very much,

Yang 2021-08-25--13-24-01-775.log (50 Байт) 2021-08-25--13-23-49-890.log (961 Байт)

Thank you very much for the attached outputs.

Could you please hold Fn key and try scrolling the terminal view by using trackpad or a mouse, is that work?


Fn + Scroll by trackpad is not work :frowning:

I'll investigate this issue, and send you a revised binary in next couple of days.

Thank you very much for reporting.


hi, are there any results for this issue?

Hi Miroslav, we just released Core Shell 3.5 Beta, and invited you join our Beta Program.

Could you please download the beta binary and give it a try? This binary may not fix the problem, it's a very tricky problem, I need you follow-up help to find the real cause.

Thanks a lot,