Upload File Failing Without Warning

This post refers: Upload file to Linux folder without touch and chmod

Yang, please advise what notification Core Shell is supposed to provide if I try to upload a file and it cannot? I deliberately use file-level write-enabling so stop me uploading the wrong file in the wrong folder (or machine!) and if the path is wrong when I try to upload, there is not sound nor dialog displayed to tell me this has failed. For some workflows this causes me many steps before I realise why something is not working, and a simple >bing< noise when the upload fails would prevent this.

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There is no notifications of any sort at present. But I agree with you, a certain kind of hint can make the work easier.

Will add options to allow push failure messages to Notification Center.

I consider it's a feature, not a bug, so I move this topic to "Request Feature" category.

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Core Shell version 2.7 was released last week, it sends notifications on transfer failures.

It's enabled by default, and you could disable it in Preferences

Thanks. I have enabled this - and the right settings are in Settings, but get no notifications if I try to upload a file which fails. Please advise what I need to do to make it work? Perhaps the failure to shut down the app is connected to this?

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Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 12.00.32

Please note The notifications only reveal when Core Shell at background.

Ah - okay. That is a great pity, this does not help my workflow as I have several Core Shell windows open all day long... Thanks for letting me know.

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@yang PLEASE can I make another request for some sort of warning within Core Shell when an upload fails? This happens to me several times a day because the remote folders resynchronise with a repository regularly and I have to change permissions again to allow me to upload edited files. It seems very strange that this facility does not exist at the moment unless I make Core Shell go into the background.
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I agree with you, will improve it in next update.

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Will be fixed by the comment here: Add comment to terminal when uploading a file

In-app notification for transfer failures was added in Core Shell 3, I'm going to close this topic, please create another post if you have any suggestions or bug reports on this feature.

Thank you again for the advices.


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