Core Shell 3 – Apple Silicon (M1)

Core Shell 3 Release Notes

This update brings native support for Apple Silicon (M1) Macs, along with a bunch of new features and improvements such as bezel notification, printing, Powerline fonts, redo and undo, reliable profile sync.



  • The default font changed to the embedded Source Code Pro for Powerline
  • Improve support for macOS 11 (@mittalyashu #3407)
  • More reliable and stable profile sync (@daveverwer #3111)
  • Avoid duplicate profiles (@daveverwer #3111)
  • Stop retry on host key verification failed (@zhenLEE #2445)
  • Truly soft line wrapping for terminal output


  • Connection log and stderr output were truncated (@zhenLEE #2445)
  • Show expiry alert mistakenly (@blackseafisher #3338)
  • Change font size has no effect
  • Drag and drop a file to local terminal window should paste the file path (@chrisaa #3384)

Special thanks to Adie Briggs (@adie), @blackseafisher, Chris A (@chrisaa), Dave Verwer (@daveverwer), John T Davis (@johntdavis), Jonathan Groves (@jonathangroves), Juan Pablo Atienza MartΓ­nez (@Juan_Pablo_Atienza_M), @Septs, Yashu Mittal (@mittalyashu), Zach Anthony (@zanthony) and @zhenLEE for helping this release.

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