Add comment to terminal when uploading a file

I use Core Shell extensively to upload files to a number of dev servers, in amongst other remote tasks on the command line. I would find it very useful, when looking back at the remote terminal, to be able to see at what point I uploaded a file to that machine.
I suggest adding a comment as a command line entry on the remote terminal (in the case of a Linux terminal, preceded by the # character) and adding the date and time, plus the full path of the source and destination file.
Perhaps others would find it useful to be able to see the same for downloading files as well.
And of course, it should be optional.

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I have been thinking about add a comment for the up/download entry these days. It's easy to add such info, the problem is how to show it to user without clutter the UI.

All solutions I can think of is add an inspector for the up/download entry, it's a similar view as remote shell's Inspector, but concerned with SFTP information like local path, remote path, as well as timestamp.

The inspector could contain connection log which can help user diagnoses transfer problems.

In this way, the user interface could keep neat, while all essential information have a centralized place.

Please share you thoughts if you have any suggestions on UI design.

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Hi Yang.
Hoping you and yours are safe and well.
Sorry for the delay replying.
I am getting really desperate for some way of knowing an upload has failed as previously mentioned elsewhere. Some days I waste a lot of time trying to understand why a change has not succeeded only to realise the upload failed.
My concept was that CoreShell would type a comment to the command prompt the other end like this:
# index.html uploaded OK at 15:22.12
... so that the user would see this in the remote terminal session. I know that for some users this would not be useful, so perhaps it could be enabled in the Profile for each connection?
But your idea of an inspector could work, although I am not sure what it would look like or how it would be accessed...
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It's not practical, the transfer task is detached from terminal session after created, you can resume a transfer task without open any remote sessions.

My understanding is this proposal trying to suggest a solution for the problem you have mentioned in this post:

For transfer failing in-app notifications, I decided to add a bezel notify like this:

It should grab enough attention and also won't break the flow.

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Thanks, Yang.
That notification look perfect for the other issue, thanks very much.
The purpose of this suggestion was not only to help with the other problem, but to help the user see at a glance that something was uploaded at a specific point within a terminal session. I'll make a external key macro in the amazing Keyboard Maestro to do this, no worries.
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