Upgrade from 1.0 to App Store version

:warning: Note: This guide is intended for customers who purchased Core Tunnel in our own store (Paddle based, our checkout service provider when we released version 1.0), please ignore this guide if you have purchased from Mac App Store.

Firstly, upgrade to 1.0.1

Select Core Tunnel > Check for Updates from main menu, the app should prompts you upgrade to version 1.0.1, click Install Updates.

Version 1.0.1 is able to export upward compatible file.

Export tunnels

Open Core Tunnel version 1.0.1, hold option key and click File > Export All… from main menu.


Check mail and get your lifetime license

We've sent an email to the address which used for purchasing Core Tunnel on our store. If you forget the email address, check you license information by clicking Core Tunnel > Activation & Licensing…:


Check the mailbox, and you should receive a mail contains Premium Lifetime License code from @yang. Redeem the code by following this post:

Install Core Tunnel from Mac App Store

Follow this link to install Core Tunnel: Core Tunnel – SSH Tunnel 2

Import to Core Tunnel (App Store version)

Open Core Tunnel (App Store version) and import the file you previously exported:


Helper Tool

Some features in Core Tunnel (App Store version) require you download a Helper tool from our site, Core Tunnel should prompt you if any of those features being used.


If you get any problem while upgrading to App Store version of Core Tunnel, feel free to send @yang a personal message

Sorry I may have missed something, but will future updates only be through the App Store version so we have to migrate?


Yes, the future updates will App Store only, so please do the migration.

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