Core Tunnel 1.1.2


(Yang.Y) #1

Release Notes

The first Mac App Store version contains all functions in version 1.0, plus:


  • Sync hosts between all your Mac computers
  • Scriptable, automation with AppleScript and Automator
  • A identity container pane in Preferences… helps you manage private keys and certificates


If you are using version 1.0, follow this guide to upgrade:

Core Tunnel on Mac App Store
(Filipe Sousa) #2

Thank you for this awesome tool.

(Yang.Y) #3

Thank you for supporting us in the early stage!

(Wacky Velo) #4

My redeem code is not working; Mac app store continues asking for my app store account after entering the code and clicking redeem.
Any others experiencing this too?

(Yang.Y) #5

I’ve sent you another code, please try again with the new one.

(Yang.Y) #6