Core Shell 2.2 – Local terminal profiles

With this update, you can create local terminal profiles and change their color schemes at will.

Also, the codebase of embedded OpenSSH component has been updated to version 8.3.


Local profiles

You can create local terminal profiles:

and change command, working directory or color schemes at will:

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Pin and Unpin

You can keep your most important profiles pinned to the top of your list, your pinned profiles will sync across all your Mac computers.

In profile list, performing a horizontal swipe on the profile row reveals pin/unpin action:

Or select Pin / Unpin from context menu:

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18 new favicons for representing primary role of a host.

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Meta Key

A new user preference to have the Option key on the keyboard act as a meta key.

Keyboard shortcuts menu

A new menu item for opening terminal keyboard shortcuts help page.


Command-Z or Control-_ to undo changes in Bash/Zsh.

Touch Bar

Add reconnect, down/upload, reset/hard reset Touch Bar actions, and allow customization.

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Notification is disabled by default, you can turn it on in "Connection" tab of host settings panel.

Core Shell/ Core Tunnel displays a notification in Notification Center on connection status has changed.

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The codebase of embedded OpenSSH component has been updated from version 8.0 to 8.3, see the OpenSSH release notes for more details:

Paste Selection

Extend the scope of Paste Selection to all terminal sessions. Related topic:

Expand tilde (~) path

Expand tilde (~) path in ProxyCommand and Include directives.

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  • Improve app launch time and security
  • Fix text selection with Shift–Arrow Key combination
  • Stop retrying if host key verification failed
  • Other minor bug fixes

Special thanks to Jonathan Groves (@jonathangroves), Greg Hacke (@pagan71), Velociround (@velociround), NewCoreUser (@newcoreuser), Christian Link (@mlist), David Olrik (@davidolrik), @utkonos and @hupo for helping this release.

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