Pin Servers to Top of List

I may be unusual, but I have literally hundreds of saved servers, but they are not all equal, there are a very small handful that I connect to multiple times a day just about every day. It would be so handy if when I hit cmd+n to get a new window those servers were pinned to the top of the list so I could just click on them.

At the moment I'm hacking my own solution by pre-fixing the names with the :star: emoji, but a real pinning option would be much better!

What a coincidence! Pin and unpin were just done developing and are under testing.

Hopefully, you will see it in next week :smiley:


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Have you tried the tag feature? My list of servers is also very long but the tag feature makes them manageable. Allows me to group the servers any way I want.

Absolutely, with hundreds of servers I have tens of tags!

Tags do not help with what is presented at the point you open a new window or tab.

ok, I see what you're saying. I have about 10-15 tags to organize my 75-ish connections. They do help I think since it's just one click to filter down to what a new window with some pinned servers would do.

What could make it more usable is to have the tab key go down the list of tabs. That would allow you to stay on the keyboard.

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Pin/ Unpin is now available in Core Shell 2.2.

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