Adding more favicons

I would love the ability to add favicons to core shell to have more differentiation based on operating system, function, etc. For instance, I want to use the nginx logo, etc. to represent what a particular server's primary role may be.

Hi Greg, thanks a lot for the inspiration, will add more favicon in next update.

18 new favicons were added in Core Shell 2.2, please let me know if you have thoughts on it to share.

Thank you for the suggestion!


Late to the game but I just noticed the list of favicons. We have a few servers running Atlassian Confluence and Jira and they both have logo's that could be used as favicons.

Maybe the feature could be to add your own favicons?


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Will consider add these logos to favicon list.

As a lazy Core Shell user of my own experience, I would rather select from favicon list than seek for icons, crop it for proper size, and whilst make sure the image clarity on my own.

Please suggest icons you'd like to use :smiley: