What is differnce btw Core shell app and Ssh shell app?


(Ikram Ali) #1

I am confused about these apps what is difference btw them?

Can you guys explain it which to use for ssh activity.

(Yang.Y) #2

Core Shell is the 2nd generation of SSH Shell. The role of Core Shell is similar to Core Tunnel as explained in this post:

So, just go ahead with Core Shell.

(Mikael Fransson) #3

Where do I set the color scheme of a connection in Core Shell?

Why can’t the list of hosts always be displayed as a menu on the left?

Why can’t the list of hosts populate with the entries from my .ssh/config file?


(Yang.Y) #4

What’s your favorite color scheme? Are you using different bg/fg color for different host?

I see little reason to to pin the host list on the left, the side list turns to be useless and distractive when a terminal window opened.

It can be improved in the future release.

(Ikram Ali) #5

Ok, Thanks.

I want to use Dracula scheme in core-shell. How I do that?

(Mikael Fransson) #6


Not different colors for different hosts but just the normal customizations you find in most terminal apps like iTerm. Nothing fancy but a few color schemes would be nice. My preference is alway a light scheme. Black text on white background. No color schemes for me. Sometime I switch to a dark scheme (white text on dark background) if it works better in web conferences or at night etc.

I should add that the current yellow background not something I would never chose. Not in a million years;-)

Showing the menu or not should be an option. We don’t all have the same opinions on what’s a distraction;-)

My .ssh/config file is my source of truth. Would definitely like to see it reflected in the app.


(Ikram Ali) #7

So, I cannot modify the shell colors in core shell.

(Yang.Y) #8

More color themes will be introduced gradually, but color customization is not in the list, unless we find a reason that can hardly resist.

(Yang.Y) #9

It’s true, at least for the moment :frowning:

(Mikael Fransson) #10

Not even via a preference file edit? I really can’t stand that yellow background.

(Yang.Y) #11

We will add more carefully selected color themes, the beige one will not the only one :smile: