Why and how to upgrade from SSH Tunnel


(Yang.Y) #1

As you might know, compared to OpenSSH, SSH Tunnel lacks tons of advanced features including, but not limited to, agent forwarding, certificates, proxy jump, post command, incompatible with some kinds of devices like Cisco routers…

SSH Tunnel is based on an open source library –– libssh. But unfortunately it is buggy and short of features, we worked night and day to try to make it as functional as OpenSSH: we submitted patches, created a open source framework SSHKitCore to overcome libssh congenital defects, invested a lot of time and energy.

We’ve improved libssh to some extent, but still far from as stable and powerful as OpenSSH.

Last year, we made a bold decision: start from scratch, drop libssh-based infrastructure, embrace the stable and full-featured OpenSSH and try to deep integrate with it. We named this brand new ssh tunnel manager Core Tunnel.

So why should I upgrade to Core Tunnel?

Here are the reasons:

1. Compatible with OpenSSH

We’ve employed Apple’s XPC technology to turn the standard OpenSSH into a XPC service. So theoretically, Core Tunnel can be nearly 100% compatible with OpenSSH.

2. Even more secure and stable

XPC is widely used by Apple itself, e.g. Safari, Xcode, App Store and other system services. By using XPC technology, Core Tunnel is more secure than invoke OpenSSH as subprocess.

Furthermore, an OpenSSH XPC service instance crash won’t affect other instances or the app, Core Tunnel is super stable over SSH Tunnel.

3. 3x faster on transfer rates

Our benchmark results under exact same environment:

Application Download Speed (MB/s)
Core Tunnel 140
SSH Tunnel 48
Application Upload Speed (MB/s)
Core Tunnel 130
SSH Tunnel 29

How to migrate to Core Tunnel?

Please refer this topic, and comment if you have questions:

Do you offer an upgrade discount for current users of SSH Tunnel?

Core Tunnel (Basic) is free, but Premium requires charge. We provide one-year term / two-year term / lifetime Premium license for whom purchased SSH Tunnel since version 16.07 accordingly (see end of post to check your eligibility).

Am I eligible to get a free Premium license?

Once you upgrade to SSH Tunnel 18.05, after relaunch the app, if you see some informative text like this:

Then you are able to request a Premium license for free.

I’m eligible to get a Premium license, what next?

Select “SSH Tunnel” -> “Receipt Info…” from main menu:


Take a screenshot of Receipt Info window:

Then send a personal message to @yang and attached the screenshot. I’ll reply your message with the coupon code ASAP.

:warning: Note:

  • If you purchased SSH Tunnel at version 16.07 with price $9.99, you are eligible to get a one-year term Premium licenses.
  • If you purchased SSH Tunnel at price $19.99, you are eligible to get two copies one-year term Premium licenses.
  • If you purchased SSH Tunnel at price $39.99, you are eligible to get a Lifetime term Premium license.

So please included a caption in the personal message stating the eligibility, otherwise, I may send you only one-year term Premium license instead.

(Jiren Jin) #2

@yang, here is the receipt. I cannot find a way to send private message…

(Yang.Y) #3

I have message you the codes, please check your Inbox. And for privacy reasons, I’ve edited your post and removed “receipt info” screenshot for you.

(Bram De Smet) #4

I try to purchase the lifetime version, but it gives me an error that I need to change stores. However, that doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

(Yang.Y) #5

Thanks for considering :heart:
I just did a quick test, and seemed works. According to my own experiences, Mac App Store is not that reliable as supposed to, sometimes I need to restart computer to finished the purchase.

(Bram De Smet) #6

Even after a reboot, no success.

(Yang.Y) #7

I did some search on such problem, and find no relate results. But I took a look at Apple’s developer dashboard, and it shows some successful lifetime license payments.

So I guess it’s very likely a glitch of Mac App Store, did you have tried contact Apple for support?

(Bram De Smet) #8

I’m not sure it’s a App Store problem. I get error messages in Core Tunnel.
Already deleted it completely and reinstalled. No use as I get the same message again and again, followed by:

“The operation could be completed (SwiftyStoreKit.ReceiptError error 1.)”

(Yang.Y) #9

I did a test with following steps:

  1. Switch to foreign store (e.g. Germany)
  2. Click “Restore Purchases” button, and it shows me the error: “The operation could be completed (SwiftyStoreKit.ReceiptError error 1.)”
  3. Then I delete the Core Tunnel in Application
  4. Switch back to local store
  5. Download and install Core Tunnel
  6. Launch the app again
  7. Click “Lifetime License” button
  8. Everything work as it is

I guess there might be some wrong after switching between stores.

(Bram De Smet) #10

That didn’t work for me either. I even cleaned out the appstore caches, but to no avail.

(Yang.Y) #11

Weird enough… sorry for the problem :frowning: I will send you a redeem code for 1-year premium license, let’s wait for more similar cases to find out the common elements.


@yang message sent. awaiting your reply. thanks

(Yang.Y) #13

Please check you inbox :slight_smile:

(chengchun) #14

@yang awaiting your coupon code~

(Ostap Bender) #15

sent the receipt screenshot in PM just now, pease send the code when yo have a chance, thank you!

(Yang.Y) #16

Please check you inbox :slight_smile:

(Zhenyu Li) #17

Just sent the receipt info.

(陈高让) #18

How to create a tunnel through a proxy(http or sock5)? The old version suport it。 I can’t do it in the new version。

(Yang.Y) #19

(Yang.Y) #20

I wrote an simple guide to explain how to connect though a proxy in Core Tunnel:

Feel free to comment in that post.