Some new features

Hello Yang,

After finalizing the new feature like Spanish localization, these are my new ideas:

new favicon: sql server (we have a version for linux), weblogic, wildfly, glassfish, squid, subversion, glpi, nessus, nagios, vsphere esxi, etc ...

Multiple execution: execute the same command in all sessions just by executing it in one of them.

Quick paste: Paste into a terminal by simply pressing the right mouse button as in putty.

Automatic organization: horizontally or vertically arrange all windows with one click.

Thank you for all.

Regards. PvD.

Hi Juan, thank you for your great work on Spanish localization!

Will consider add more favicon gradually in future releases.

I'll set to work on it before next major update release (might be version 3.0)

Right mouse click to paste breaks user expectation:

It's not a good idea to break macOS design guideline for little productivity benefit.

I'll investigate it in next major update release (might be version 3.0).

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Kindly Regards,


Hello Yang,

This is an new option that the user can configure it in a preferences like mobaxterm (Paste using right-click):

And some new features for a future versions:

Quick cd: one view with a tree of all folders and 1-click to change to this folder (if you have permissions)

System monitoring: some information about own system status (cpu load, memory, disk space, users, number of process running).

Thank you for all.

Regards. PvD.