Select text to copy & Right click to paste

I use terminal sessions a lot to maintain 60+ hosts. In other apps I have used, there is an option to select text to copy and then right click to paste.

Is this a feature you can add?

Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Intercepts right click and change its behavior to paste may break Apple's human interface guidelines, context menu is vital for user.

So, it won't be added unless we collect enough feedbacks.

Hi thanks for Core Shell. I think its great! I don't understand why the double click to highlight and right click to paste would break guidelines. The feature works in iterm, as well as putty (for windows, yes I know). But I am a Linux programmer and this feature is as key as command completion using tab. Without it, things would slow down to a crawl.

I hope you do consider putting it in. Thanks.

Hello, is this community actively monitored? It seems like it is. I'd like to know what kind of feedback you've received on this copy/paste topic and hope that it can be implemented. Thank you.

I always keep an eye on the community :smiley:

There is a key combination Shift+Command+V for pasting the selected text.

Moreover, Core Shell supports middle click to paste the selected text, in case you're using 3-buttons mouse.

I think it's enough for daily use, right-click to paste won't bring higher efficiency, not to mention users are expecting context menu on right-clicking.


Yang - Thanks for your reply. I suppose the use of shift+command+C/V will have to do for now. I like the emulater a lot so want to give it a shot.

So the shift+command+C/V only has the scope of the current open window?

I'm sorry, not even the current window but just the current session/tab?!

Yes, it's just for the current session tab, will make it available for all open sessions in next update :smiley:

Great, please inform me once the next update is out. Thanks...stay safe.

Definitely will update this thread, and keep safe.

Hi, with Core Shell 2.2, the scope of Paste Selection is extended to all terminal sessions.

BTW, you can use Command+Right Click for pasting the selected text, as well as Shift+Command+V and middle click.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Have you seen ZenTermLite, it has the copy and paste function.

I just download a copy, but 'm not heavy user, could you please say some your experiences about how it different from Core Shell?

Kindly Regards,