Grouping tunnels

As of version 18.02-alpha.0, there is no mean of grouping tunnels.

SSH Tunnel involves a concept of Smart Group, but it’s a bit “magical”, not that straightforward for techies. Smart Group is actually a filter for saved keywords, its ability can be very limited.

In Core Tunnel, we considered to go for Tags. Compared to Smart Group, it’s flexible and clear-cut, less “magical” and more “straightforward”.

Any other innovative ways? We’re open to discuss different ways before we set to work on it.

My Git GUI client makes “tree” of branches based on names of branches which have / in name… So, if I have branches named test/test1, test/test2, test/test3, than it shows them like this (V is for possibility of collapsing that group, > would be collapsed) :

V test
> release
> feature

Tags would be a good start, a more hierarchical representation in the GUI would be highly welcome.
Like what @rbukovansky 's suggested for example.
What I like about his idea is, that I wouldn’t have to use the mouse or touchpad while in the process of creating (and naming) a new Tunnel entry.