Hierarchical Tags

(Yang.Y) #1
  • Date: 2018-02-08
  • Status: Active Review
  • Proposer: @rbukovansky

As of 1.0-beta, Core Tunnel uses simple tags to grouping tunnels, is hierarchical tags really a must-have feature? Please share your thoughts :thought_balloon:

(Richard Bukovansky) #2

Well, I’m not proposer, I just suggested one possible solution to it… :wink:

(Yang.Y) #3

I believe it’s a wonderful suggestion :grinning: why don’t you vote it up :raising_hand_man:

Personally I manage a handful servers, so it’s hard for me to imagine the situation for managing hundreds or thousands of servers. Do you have such experience to share?


(Richard Bukovansky) #4

No, I don’t. I usually just VPN or tunnel to employer’s network. :slight_smile:

(Yang.Y) #5

Well, then you’ve a good reason to not vote it :smirk:

(Richard Bukovansky) #6

I did, anyway… Because I think it’s clever solution… :wink: