Get X11 forwarding in macOS

Begin with version 1.8, Core Shell supports X11 forwarding. For macOS, X11 is not the default graphical interface, XQuartz must be installed and started.

First, download and install XQuartz on your Mac and run it whenever you want to use X11 forwarding.

:warning: Note: if your copy of Core Shell was downloaded from Mac App Store, Core Helper must be installed before we move on.

Next, change advanced options of the host:

  1. ForwardX11 set to yes
  2. ForwardX11Trusted set to yes
  3. XAuthLocation set to command output of:
    which xauth
    generally, it is /opt/X11/bin/xauth .

Finally, run XQuartz and open a new shell window of the host, then start your remote X11 program and view the user display on your local machine:

xeyes &