Core Tunnel – Difference between Codinn Store and App Store versions

Core Tunnel is available on the Codinn Store and App Store. These platforms differ in pricing, billing, permitted features of Core Tunnel and other aspects.

Pricing and purchase options

Codinn Store App Store
Pricing Core Tunnel on the Codinn Store Core Tunnel on the App Store
Free Basic Free Basic license with no time limitation Free Basic license with no time limitation
Free upgrade + +
Number of devices
  • 1 Mac by default
  • Extra devices available
Your Apple ID devices
For businesses Volume puchase

App Store version of Core Tunnel

The App Store version of Core Tunnel slightly differs from Core Tunnel on the Codinn Store. If you notice that your Core Tunnel lacks some features promoted on our website, that's most likely because you got the app from the App Store. Apple has strict application review guidelines and doesn't allow some of the Core Tunnel features. For that reason, we revised and limited several Core Tunnel functions in its App Store version.

Why does the App Store restrict Core Tunnel features?

The fact that some Core Tunnel features aren't available on the App Store doesn't mean they're harmful or illegal. The App Store tries to protect your Mac from malicious software by limiting some privileges for all installed applications. But this approach also imposes unnecessary restrictions on safe activities, like access authentication agent (e.g. ssh-agent, gpg-agent), read system configurations and other advanced features. Such limitations are why Core Tunnel cannot have some features in its App Store version.

Note: Core Tunnel from the Codinn Store has all its native features and yet remains absolutely reliable and secure for your computer. Read topic Privacy Policy / Core Series Apps.

Features of Core Tunnel that aren't available from the App Store

You won't find the following features of Core Tunnel in its App Store version since their functionality is not allowed:

  1. Access authentication agent (e.g. ssh-agent, gpg-agent)

  2. Reuse of /etc/ssh_config and ~/.ssh/config

  3. Reuse of /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts and ~/.ssh/known_hosts

  4. X11 forwarding

  5. Set one of following ssh directives:

    • ProxyCommand
    • ProxyUseFdpass
    • UserKnownHostsFile
    • CertificateFile
    • IdentityAgent
    • IdentityFile
    • Include
    • ControlMaster
    • ControlPath
    • ControlPersist
    • LocalCommand
    • PermitLocalCommand
    • SecurityKeyProvider
    • XAuthLocation
    • KnownHostsCommand

Transfer your Premium license between versions

Premium licenses purchased on the App Store can be migrate to Codinn Store version of Core Tunnel, follow these steps:

  1. Open App Store app and update the latest Core Tunnel (version 3.8.6+).
  2. Select Settings… from main menu, and navigate to Go Premium, make sure you have a valid license; if not, click Restore Purchases.
  3. Download and install Codinn Store version of Core Tunnel.
  4. You should have purchased App Store Premium License already activated on Go Premium panel.

Uninstall Core Helper

It's safe (and recommended) to uninstall the Core Helper after Core Shell upgraded.

To uninstall Core Helper, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Terminal application, type in

    launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

    and press Enter to unload Core Helper.

  2. Run command

    rm -rf ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

    to remove the plist file.

  3. Delete the app using command

    rm -rf ~/Library/Group\ Containers/

Migrate profiles

Core Tunnel provides three methods to migrate your profiles, choose the one that's right for you.

Export/ Import

If you purchased a Premium license, you can export then import profiles between versions.


Launch the app and enable Sync from Settings… panel, wait awhile to let data to be synced. (Premium license required).

Copy database

This method do not require Premium license, best for Basic license user.

Migrate from App Store version to Codinn Store version

After install Codinn Store version, do not launch the app (quit the app if launched), run following command to copy profile database:

cp ~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.tunnel/Data/Library/Application\ Support/io.coressh.tunnel/CoreSSH.sqlite* ~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.tunnel-direct/Data/Library/Application\ Support/io.coressh.tunnel-direct/

Migrate from Codinn Store version to App Store version

After install App Store version, do not launch the app (quit the app if launched), run following command to copy profile database:

cp ~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.tunnel-direct/Data/Library/Application\ Support/io.coressh.tunnel-direct/CoreSSH.sqlite* ~/Library/Containers/io.coressh.tunnel/Data/Library/Application\ Support/io.coressh.tunnel/
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