Core Shell crashes (SEGV) every time I exit an SSH session

I’m running Core Shell v1.4 on macOS 10.14.2. Every time I close an SSH session (exit or Ctrl-D at shell prompt), Core Shell crashes (SIGSEGV). I’m using SSH Proxy and Core Tunnel without issue. Several crash reports have gone to Apple already. Currently Core Shell is unusable for me as a result of this issue.

Chris, thanks a lot for submit the crash log to Apple, I’ve downloaded the SIGSEGV crash reports.

I could not reproduce it on my Mac, I’ll take a deeper at the codebase.

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Another data point regarding the crash. If I close a session by closing the window (using the Mac red-dot close control) then Core Shell doesn’t crash. it only crashes if I exit a session cleanly using the shell ‘exit’ command or Ctrl-D.

Another request in the interests of usability. Right clicking on the dock icon when Core Shell is running ought to offer some app specific options such as New Window and New Tab.

Thanks for the clue!

Reasonable, accepted :grinning:

The SEGV crash issue was fixed in recent update (version 1.4.5), also, two menu items (“New Window” and “New Tab”) were added to Dock menu. @chrisj60 Thank you again for reporting!