Initial shell window size

Thanks. I hope you can find and fix the issue soon. On another note, might I ask for an enhancement; it would be very useful if one could configure the initial window size (in terms of rows and columns) as part of the host configuration. Most terminal emulator provide this function and I use it a lot.

Thanks, Chris

This could lead a window size conflict, suppose you have an opened shell session with window size configured to 80 x 24, then you open another 133 x 40 shell session in new tab window, both windows will be enlarged to 133 x 40, the result may not what you expect.

You could do what iTerm2 does. If a new session is opened in a new tab, ignore the configured window size and use the one from the existing tab(s), if opening in a new window use the configured window size. Best of both worlds!

Another suggestion in the shell menu it would be great to have additional New Tab and New Window options with an arrow which goes to a list of the configured hosts so that you can open a new session to a specific host directly from the menu rather than have to open a new tab / window with the host list and then open a specific host. Much easier and less clicks.

I know that, when I use system, it always opens a new terminal window with configured size, and for me it’s really counter intuition. I personally fell natural when I open a shell window with its last frame size, just like other ordinary apps.

You’re the first one to request this feature :slight_smile: Could you please say a bit more about your case? So that I may understand you better.

Remembering the last used size could be a workaround, but as far as I can see Core Shell doesn’t do that either (at least not if you close a session using the macOS ‘close window’ control). The other problem is that when re-sizing a window one has no idea what size you are resizing it to (in terms of terminal rows and columns) since, unlike other terminal apps, it doesn’t show the size as the window is being re-sized.

I’m a software engineer and I do most of my work via terminal/SSH sessions to various hosts (mainly Linux but also Solaris, AIX, macOS, …). I may often have 10 or more sessions open concurrently. Depending on the host/task I need a terminal of a specific size so that I can be sure that text based UIs fit correctly. hAving no way to accurately size a window, either when it opens (preferred) or when I re-size it greatly impacts the usability of Core Shell, at least for me.

Though of course this is all irrelevant until the crash is fixed :slight_smile:

Nice idea, has been added to dev pipeline.

You’re right, I can reproduce it, it’s a bug.

Will add an option to tell current window size, in next release hopefully.

All mentioned bug and features are done in version 1.4.5: