Core Shell 3.5 - Up/Down Arrow Displays Garbage and other issues

After Core Shell auto updated to 3.5 yesterday, using the up/down arrows to scroll history displays garbage. Functionally, it is scrolling thru the commands, just cannot see it.


Server OS is Ubuntu 20.04 and FreeBSD.
Mac is 11.5.2
Apple wireless keyboard.

An additional problem is with auto completion. It's pretty broken. It appears to tab instead of presenting the auto completion result.

Then if you you attempt to backspace, the curser skips and ends up in an odd place.
Shell autocompletion back

Hi Priller,

Are you using zsh with Oh-my-zsh? If yes, what version of them and which theme are you using?

Could you please try Option-Command-R key combination to reset the state of terminal window?

BTW, is system behavior normally on this host?

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To clarify, I don't use Core Shell for Local Terminal. The issue is with all Linux hosts I have ssh'ed to. (fwiw, local host is zsh)

GNU bash, version 5.0.17(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

I have tried various Core Shell themes, no change.

Other Mac and Windows clients do not have this issue to the same hosts.

Core Shell was fine yesterday. It updated from the App Store overnight and now it has this problem.

Thanks much!

Thank you very much for the info, I've sent you a personal message that contains the download link to previous version, please check your message box.

And could you please send me a copy of terminal output?

  1. Firstly, enable output tracking:

  2. Quit Core Shell.

  3. Cleanup files in output tracking directory (reveal the directory by clicking the button of right arrow with circle).

  4. Launch Core Shell again, and open a shell window to your remote host

  5. Do minimal operations that can reproduce issues you have mentioned

  6. Close the terminal window

  7. Reveal the output tracking directory and attach the output file

The output file contains terminal directives that remote host send to Core Shell, hence could help me reproduce and identify the problem.

Thank you,


The version you sent works fine. Requested log is on your message reply. Thx

i have same issue with or with out wireless keyboard

I have the same issue. Do you have any workaround?
I can't even type 'control+c' TT.

Can I get the link of previous version?

Here is the download link for Core Shell (Beta)-3.0.1-beta.

You can migrate the profiles by following guide here:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience,


migrate to beta failed when copy-paste or drag-drop
please fix topic problem soon

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Hi, could you please send me a full crash log via personal message? This would help me identify the problem.

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I have the same issue. 我这边tab键按出来的也是空白的,然后less命令查看不能翻页,还有之前版本less命令下查看一直log文件这个应用会奔溃。

I have the same issue too.

I have the same issue too.

This doesn't work. Copying in profiles crashes the beta version.

@itrojan @harryf @daizuke We are working on this issue, a hot fix version will be released soon.

Core Shell 3.5 with Core Helper can solve the issue that @priller has reported:

After Core Shell auto updated to 3.5 yesterday, using the up/down arrows to scroll history displays garbage.

Please install Core Helper if you can't wait for the hot fix release.

I'm sorry about the inconvenience, and thank you for your reporting.

Kindly Regards,


Thank you, Yang! I installed Core Helper (latest) and enabled in Core Shell 3.5.

However, drag/drop (or CMD+C/V) still causes Beta to crash. I'm sending you the console report in PM.

And import/export options are disabled in File menu of Core Shell 3.5 (maybe because I am a poor non-premium user :rofl: )

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Core Shell 3.5.1 has released, issues mentioned should be fixed in this update.

Again, I'm so sorry about the inconvenience, and thank you all for helping.

Kindly Regards,


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