Core Apps Beta Program

Help make the next releases of Core apps our best yet. As a member of the Beta Program, you can take part in shaping Core apps by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.


Things to know about Core apps macOS Beta


  • Core Shell/ Tunnel (Beta) stores and operates user defaults and profiles in an independent location: ~/Library/Containers/, so data of App Store or Setapp version won't be polluted.


  • Passwords / passphrases in Keychain share access between beta and non-beta versions, so modify an item on beta version will affect non-beta version.
  • Imported private key and certificate files stored in a shared group folder ~/Library/Group\ Containers/, if you delete a private key in beta version, it will go away in non-beta version either. The same is true for add a private key or certificate.

Copy profiles from non-beta version

Although you can export profiles from non-beta version then import into beta version, but if you use both versions on the same Mac computer, the most handy way is Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop.

Three steps to becoming a Beta Program member

  1. Join group Beta Program Members
  2. Download latest beta release
  3. Feedback in Beta Program category

Thanks for helping us make Core Shell/ Tunnel even better!

Codinn Team