Using Core Tunnel with Google Cloud IAP

In order to setup a proxy I currently run:

gcloud beta compute ssh bastion-vm --tunnel-through-iap --project xxx --zone us-east2-a -- -L15432:<destination server IP>:5432 -f -N -T

This authenticates me via SSH and sets up a local proxy. The machines sit on an internal network and authentication and network traffic proxying is done via a google proxy service called IAP. Any idea if this would work with Core Tunnel? I'm looking for a GUI so this is more like a VPN client vs having to constantly check my tunnels are up.

It may possible by using ProxyCommand directive in tunnel's Advanced settings:

Core Helper is required for ProxyCommand directive.

And please let me know whether this method works.


The website also explains how to use ~/.ssh/config for this. Also supported with Core Shell and Core Tunnel. It's my preferred method since it works for Forklift as well or the regular terminal & iterm.