Using Core Tunnel with Foxy Proxy


I am trying to use CT with FoxyProxy in FF browser, essentially we are using bastions via SSH and I am setting up a tunnel to each bastion then using FoxyProxy to invoke that and allow my browser to access web based resources.

So as example one bastion I am trying to connect to with port 22 in the initial settings, and forwarding is set for local with into domain.local:22, then in FoxyProxy I have it set up as Socks5 with as the port and IP and I set the extension to use that Proxy.

I can tunnel to the bastions via CT and FF proxy looks to be mostly working but I keep getting secure connection failed, I enabled Proxy DNS when using socks v5 as I thought it was that but still no dice.

Is anyone else using CT with FP this way?


Hi, you actually need a Dynamic port forwarding, not Local port forwarding.

Please take a look at this topic:

Feel free to let me know if you need assistance.

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Hi @yang amazing that was it, I am not sure why but i did try this once and it didn't work but I suspect that I had something set wrong in the proxy side on FF.

All working now thanks for the help, excellent product.

You're always welcome :slight_smile: