Use a Core Shell host info to create a Core Tunnel


As I was configuring a tunnel to a host I already had defined in Core Shell I thought it could be a cool idea to be able to right-click on a host in Core Shell and have a selection Create Tunnel to this host and have the tunnel show up in Core Tunnel. All the info should be available in the Core Shell host setup, right?


I generally need tunnels to the same hosts I need shells on, so tighter integration between these two apps would be a big win IMO. Make them more of a suite than a pair of stand-alone apps.

I don't mind them being two different apps since they have so different UI's. Core Tunnel just needs a meny bar icon showing the defined tunnels and their status. I would like to see them sharing the bookmarks and config settings where it makes sense though. Not sure I would need a tunnel for every ssh session either but that's a personal preference.

Core Shell and Core Tunnel 1.7.3 arrived at Mac App Store, provide three methods to share hosts between apps, please check this out: