Update to 1.3.3 - error with ssh-key files

After updating Core Tunnel to version 1.3.3 via Mac AppStore, the ssh connection which worked before, failed.

Equivalent Command: ssh -T -N -F .....
09:18:00 Connecting…
Warning: Identity file /Users/USERNAME/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/privatekey/id_rsa not accessible: No such file or directory.
09:18:01 Authenticating…
09:18:10 Warning: Permanently added '.....' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
09:18:10 Load key "/Users/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa": Operation not permitted
09:18:18 The operation was canceled.
09:18:18 Abnormal Disconnect

It seems as if the update must have tampered with the ssh-keys configured.

Re-Importing the ssh key seems to resolve the problem.

Thanks a lot for reporting. I could not reproduced the issue, it seemed that ~/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/privatekey/id_rsa was deleted unexpectedly.

Did you use any other tool or command to clean up directory ~/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh?

No, … Core Tunnel was running in the background and worked, … I opened the AppStore and hit the “update” button without thinking that it still runs. Maybe that caused it?

Probably not the cause, I’ll wait for more reporting.

The next time you face the same kind of problem, could you please check directory ~/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/privatekey/id_rsa before trying to fix it up? Thx!

I can try to collect more details in case it happens again.

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Happens to me as well. Using AWS generated key in default ~/.ssh/ location and using ~/.ssh/config for same host

Hi, the problem may different case by case, could you please describe a bit more about your case? And a connection failure log can be helpful: Enable logging

Just had the same problem.
Regardless of how this happens, how can we fix this once it happens?

Please try install and enable Core Helper

If you still could not get it to work, please Enable logging and paste the desensitized log records, it will provide help for troubleshooting.