Update to 1.3.3 - error with ssh-key files


(Gerhard) #1

After updating Core Tunnel to version 1.3.3 via Mac AppStore, the ssh connection which worked before, failed.

Equivalent Command: ssh -T -N -F .....
09:18:00 Connecting…
Warning: Identity file /Users/USERNAME/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/privatekey/id_rsa not accessible: No such file or directory.
09:18:01 Authenticating…
09:18:10 Warning: Permanently added '.....' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
09:18:10 Load key "/Users/USERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa": Operation not permitted
09:18:18 The operation was canceled.
09:18:18 Abnormal Disconnect

It seems as if the update must have tampered with the ssh-keys configured.

Re-Importing the ssh key seems to resolve the problem.

(Yang.Y) #2

Thanks a lot for reporting. I could not reproduced the issue, it seemed that ~/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/privatekey/id_rsa was deleted unexpectedly.

Did you use any other tool or command to clean up directory ~/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh?

(Gerhard) #3

No, … Core Tunnel was running in the background and worked, … I opened the AppStore and hit the “update” button without thinking that it still runs. Maybe that caused it?

(Yang.Y) #4

Probably not the cause, I’ll wait for more reporting.

The next time you face the same kind of problem, could you please check directory ~/Library/Group Containers/E98WCE7W4U.io.coressh.ssh/.ssh/privatekey/id_rsa before trying to fix it up? Thx!

(Gerhard) #5

I can try to collect more details in case it happens again.

(mrayarchitect) #6

Happens to me as well. Using AWS generated key in default ~/.ssh/ location and using ~/.ssh/config for same host

(Yang.Y) #7

Hi, the problem may different case by case, could you please describe a bit more about your case? And a connection failure log can be helpful: Enable logging