Unable to restore purchase after installing on new Mac

I have been using Core Tunnel on a 2018 15" MBP which is now getting replaced with a 2019 16" MBP. I'm reinstalling everything, but after installing Core Tunnel, the restore Purchases doesn't seem to know about the purchase that I made on my 2018 MBP. Supposedly its not due to expire until June 23, 2021. Is there a way that I can restore this purchase on my 2019?

Hi Dennis, please try reinstall Core Tunnel by following steps in this topic:

If you still could not make it works, please send me a screenshot of the failure dialog.

Kindly Regards,


Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly. I tried to remove and re-install, but had the same problem. However, I got a dialog to log into my Apple ID and since I had two apple ids, I decided to try the other one. It worked. So operator error.
Thanks again for a great product.

Dennis Jurgensen