Support for gpg-agent (or ssh-agent) in SSH Proxy

I've been using SSH Proxy for a while now. I've recently moved to using my Yubikey for SSH auth, but this means that SSH Proxy can no longer connect to my remote server, as it does not appear to support using an SSH agent (either ssh-agent or gpg-agent) for authentication.

Is there some way of making this work? If not, is there any chance that support for SSH agents could be added to SSH Proxy?

Joe, we have no plan to update SSH Proxy at this moment, please go and get Core Tunnel:

It supports gpg-agent and ssh-agent, establishing SOCKS v4/v5 proxy, but not black/whitelisting. Please refer to this guide to make it work as a SSH Proxy:

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Core Tunnel. I actually tried it before I created this thread, but it didn't seem to offer the functionality to create a local SOCKS proxy to the remote host. It's only now that you've pointed me towards it that I have realised that it provides this functionality :man_facepalming: It now works great with my Yubikey! Thanks!

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