SSH Shell - seems to late to purchase but I did it. Missing ssh-agent option?

Can you give an instruction how to use ssh-agent forwarding to the ssh session in the SSH Shell application?

I can use ssh -A root@server from standard Mac, but can’t find any worked settings for SSH Shell.

Don’t tell me to purchase your another app Core Shell as a possible solution.

Due to the underneath technology, it’s simply impossible to access ssh-agent in SSH Shell, as I’ve explained the reason in this post:


You don’t have to purchase Core Shell, it’s free for almost all features in SSH Shell, except Importing and Exporting which requires a premium license. But that’s not a problem at all, we provide all SSH Shell users a free one-year premium license, and this should be enough to help you migrate all existing SSH Shell hosts.

How to activate this license for importing?

I’ve sent you a personal message with the license code and redeem guide, please check.

What I need to do after Core Helper installing?

My ~/.ssh/config

Host *
ForwardAgent yes

But agent not working, bcs SSH Shell still use command without “-A” argument
Command: ssh -p 22 root@server

You should use Core Shell, not SSH Shell, SSH Shell could not access ssh-agent.

After install Core Shell and Core Helper, follow this guide to use system default config: