SSH Proxy errors after upgrading to MacOS Ventura

After upgrading to MacOS Ventura, I could not use SSH Proxy anymore. I found those below errors from Console log:

Oct 27 01:58:26 JanMac SSH Proxy[3908]: socketDidDisconnect error: <SSHKitDynamicBridgeConnection:0x600000508a00 host:localhost port:22> Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=61 "Connection refused" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Connection refused, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Error in connect() function}

Oct 27 02:11:34 JanMac SSH Proxy[4647]: socketDidDisconnect error: <SSHKitDynamicBridgeConnection:0x600002080140 host:localhost port:22> (null)

Could you help to fix? SSH Proxy is something I use everyday. Thanks.

Are you connecting to your Mac? Please make you have enable Remote Login in System Preferences -> Sharing.

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Yes. I have enabled SSH in my local system.

I tried SSH to both local and remote system but still have that error after upgrading to MacOS Ventura.

Could you please try Core Tunnel? It provides SOCKS proxy as SSH Proxy.

After installation, please refer to Dynamic Port Forwarding section of this topic:

And get to know how to use the proxy:

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I tried Core Tunnel but it could not replace SSH Proxy, because it doesn't have traffic routing (blacklist, whitelist).

Phil, did you find a fix for this ? I too need the whitelist/blacklist functionality. As you say "Core Tunnel" doesn't have this functionality unfortunately. And "SSH Proxy" doesn't appear to work on Ventura.

Any suggestions of apps that provide something similar ?



I also encountered this problem

same problem hope it can be solved in future

Same issue here. I've tried to make the switch to CoreTunnel, but it seems to have issues that for whatever reason SSHProxy does not when used by clients that support only "HTTP Proxy"? Postman in particular is a problem for me, it works fine via SSHProxy but gets a "Socket Hangup" when pointed to Core Tunnel ...

Fwiw, I see the issue is that SSH Proxy is getting an exception back when trying to open the dialog to accept new host keys. I don't see a way to update these keys manually either, as they are stored in a binary format it the SSH proxy preferences plist... It'd be nice if codinn would either fix this bug or possibly opensource the tool so someone else might?