Reverse tunnel?

Is it currently possible to create a reverse tunnel, like this?:

ssh -R 888:localhost:22 user@host

Hi Matt, reverse port forwarding is supported, please refer to this post:

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Easily done in several ways. One is as you described on the fly. Another is to use the ~/.ssh/config file. I wrote a blog about it here:

The cool thing with both Core Tunnel and Core Shell is that they can just reference these host aliases in the config file. This means you have basically one place for the details and depending on use case you can use the aliases anywhere on any terminal app and also in Core Shell and Core Tunnel

In ~/.ssh/config for the Core Tunnel in the screenshot below

Host vm2free
User ubuntu
HostName x.x.x.x
# typical database port for an Oracle database
LocalForward 1521 localhost:1521

Core Tunnel references this host alias and adds another port mapping. Maybe not what you would do but it shows the flexibility. When Core Tunnel connects both port mappings are active.


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