Problem with vi editor

Hallo Yang,

I am editing Solaris and Linux scripts with the vi editor and I have the problem that Core Shell does not display the lines correctly when a change is made.

I have tried to do this with putty, mremote (windows) or terminal (macos) and I do not have these problems.

You can check why this happens.

Thank you very much for all. PvD.

Hi Juan,

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue.

Is this issue reproducible? If it does, could you please elaborate steps? Screenshots can also provide help.

Kindly Regards,


Hallo Yang,

Step 1 - I put in one line with text

Step 2 - I press intro key and change all text

Step 3 - I move cursor to other line and I see that next lines are different

Thank you for all. PvD.

This issue should has been fixed in Core Shell 3 – Apple Silicon (M1)

Thank you very much for the bug report.