Oddity with Autocomplete in ZSH/Oh-My-ZSH


I've noticed an odd bug with the latest version of CoreShell (3.5).

I'm using ZSH, with Oh-My-ZSH installed, with the autocomplete extension. When I start typing a command I've used before, I get an autocomplete popup that I can either ignore or use to auto-complete the command.

When a suggestion pops up, I can't see the cursor anymore. It's clearly still there, but it's an opaque square that covers up the character beneath it. Right now, it's black on a black background when it bugs (instead of green on a black background), which is fairly confusing.

It's been entirely too long since I've coded anything, and I never did a lot of GUI work, but I wonder if this might be an alpha channel issue?

Here's an example.

If I give focus to another application (like this browser window), it's visible again.

Hi John,

What version of Oh-My-ZSH and which theme are you using?

BTW, is system Terminal.app behavior normally on this host?

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Same here (and more). Since yesterday, when 3.5 magically kicked in, my remote ZSH started to:

  • hide auto-completed parts of a prompt / command
  • show passwords clear text when prompted
  • arrows are converted to ^[0D, ctrl+d stopped working and so on

I switched to regular Terminal ssh connection and all is normal there. What happened?

@yang ,

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Here's Terminal. Aside from not having patched fonts, it's behaving as expected:

Looks like I misspoke. I'm using antigen as my plugins manager, with the following plugins installed and at the latest version:

Updating robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh@master... Done. Took 1s.
Updating romkatv/powerlevel10k@master... Done. Took 1s.
Updating zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions@master... Done. Took 0s.
Updating zsh-users/zsh-completions@master... Done. Took 1s.
Updating zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting@master... Done. Took 1s.

I'm working on this issue, install and enable Core Helper should fix this issue.

I'm sorry about the issue :frowning:


Thanks for working on this, and the info on Core Helper. Will installing that longside the Setapp version cause any issues?

The Setapp version is unaffected by the issue which @adam.oczos has reported:

You don't have to install Core Helper if you are using Setapp version.



Sorry. I didn't realize my issue had a different cause. (I'm using the Setapp version.)

Core Shell 3.5.1 has released, the issue (terminal cursor disappears under certain conditions) has been fixed in this update:

Thank you for reporting the issue.

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Thanks again for working on this. I look forward to grabbing it as soon as it’s on Setapp. :slight_smile: