Missing information in input dialog on first connect

When connecting to a remote host for the first time, ssh notices that the server has not yet been added to known_hosts. Hence it shows a warning saying "The authenticity of host 'whatever' can't be established", followed by the fingerprint and asks "Are you sure you want to continue connecting?". Core Shell redirects all of this to a separate dialog box, and most of the time, this works fine.

Sometimes however, and I haven't been able to figure out when exactly, Core Shell truncates the information to a generic "Input Required" dialog showing only the possible answers:

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 17.23.37

The problem is that when this happens, the user has no context whatsoever about what triggered the input because the dialog is missing the original terminal message as well as the (in some cases critical) key fingerprint.

Thanks a lot for point out this.

This happens when you type arbitrary characters other than one of yes, no and the correct fingerprint.

Will always prompt with the fingerprint context in next update.

Thank you again,