Core Tunnel 3.6 – OpenSSH 8.8

The codebase of embedded OpenSSH has been updated to version 8.8. See Core Shell 3.6 – OpenSSH 8.8 and Nerd Fonts - #2 by yang for the OpenSSH changes.


  • Add a new LogVerbose configuration directive, this option is intended for OpenSSH debugging and is not enabled by default.
  • Add a PermitRemoteOpen option that allows the client to restrict the destination when reverse dynamic forwarding is used with SOCKS.
  • Add a KnownHostsCommand option that allows the client to obtain known_hosts data from a command in addition to the usual files.


  • Rename the PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes directive to PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms in advanced options.
  • Similarly, rename HostbasedKeyTypes to HostbasedAcceptedAlgorithms.
  • Remove ChallengeResponseAuthentication directive in favour of KbdInteractiveAuthentication.
  • Always display fingerprint context while prompting user to confirm host key (@kaffeeundsalz #3645.
  • Specifies the port number to connect on the remote host explicitly in equivalent command (@liushuai #3662).

Special thanks to @kaffeeundsalz, @fastzombies and Shuai Liu (@liushuai) for helping this release.

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