Migrate from SSH Shell


(Yang.Y) #1


  • Core Shell: 1.3 or later
  • SSH Shell: 17.09 or later


  1. Export hosts from SSH Shell, file name must end with .json suffix
  2. Open Core Shell, click File > Import… from main menu, and select the exported JSON file
  3. Done


  1. Core Shell will not import a host which its name same as an existing one
  2. Not all the options in SSH Shell can be recognized by Core Shell, it does not mean Core Shell lacks those abilities, but requires you config it manually:
    • Connect via InterfaceBind Address: you must specify the IP or host name explicitly, e.g. Yangs-MacBook-Pro.local or
    • Connecting through a proxy ➝ use Proxy Jump if the target host must be connected through a bastion server.
    • Host Key AlgorithmsHostKeyAlgorithms in Advanced tab
    • Key Exchange AlgorithmsKexAlgorithms in Advanced tab
    • CiphersCiphers in Advanced tab
  3. Authentication ➝ in general, you don’t need to worry about which authentication method should take, the matched method will be used by Core Shell automatically. Consult KbdInteractiveAuthentication, PasswordAuthentication, PubkeyAuthentication and PreferredAuthentications options in Advanced tab if you want to force Core Shell use a specified method. For Public Key, you must import the key, or you can install the Helper tool before connecting.

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