Htop iftop resize problem

if in a window I open htop, iftop and resize it, these utilities do not follow the resizing and clicking on the various commands (Help - Setup - Search etc.) no longer works



Hi Massimiliano,

I did a quick test on both local terminal and remote ssh session, resizing works as expected, the htop tool seemed fine.

I need more information to identify this problem, it would be great if you can provide assistance:

  1. Are you using ProxyJump or Multiplexing feature of OpenSSH?
  2. Did this issue happen in previous versions (latest version is 3.6.1 at this moment)?
  3. Could you please set Log Level to DEBUG3 and send me a copy of desensitized connection log?
  4. Could you please run stty -a before and after resize window? I'd like to compare the results.

Thank you very much,