How to: specifies the SSH connection should be made through an intermediate server?

I do it by this command. is it supported in the CoreTunnel? if yes, how?
ssh -J username@IntermediateIP username@DestinationIP -D 5555 -f -C -q -N

for more info
ssh: This is the command that initiates the SSH connection.

-J username@IntermediateIP: This specifies that the SSH connection should be made through an intermediate server at IP address IntermediateIP with the username "username".

username@DestinationIP: This specifies the destination server to connect to, with the username "username".

-D 5555: This option sets up dynamic port forwarding, where a local port 5555 is forwarded to the remote server.

-f: This option requests that SSH run in the background once the connection has been established.

-C: This option compresses the data before sending it over the network, which can help improve performance in some cases.

-q: This option instructs SSH to operate quietly without displaying any warning messages.

-N: This option specifies that no command should be executed on the remote server once the SSH connection is established.

Hi Mehdi,

All of above options are supported inherently in Core Tunnel, please refer to the screen shots below:

Let me know if you have further questions.

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It's work perfect. thanks :+1:t3:

I find it easier to put all this in ~/.ssh/config as described here: Jump Hosts -- Passing Through a Gateway or Two