How do I replicate this simple SSH command for port-forwarding MySQL

Hi there, I'm essentially looking to replicate this in Core Tunnel:

ssh -L 3307: -N

When I attempt to set this up with Core Tunnel, the connection seems to authenticate, but when I try to connect via the CLI, it doesn't work. I don't seem to have this issue when issuing the raw command above.

mysql -u USER -p DATABASE --host= --port=3307

Any suggestions? I'm just starting to use Core Tunnel. Any docs that you could point me to would be most helpful.

Here is the equivalent configuration in Core Tunnel:


There is a doc describers how to use port forwarding with Core Tunnel:

Feel free to ask if you have questions :wink:

Thanks. This is what I expected, but for some reason, it doesn't work for me. The equivalent CLI command does though. How weird is this?

Update: This seems to work now. Not sure what the problem was, but it's working and that's what matters. Thanks!

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