Feature request(s) and first impression

I just had a quick look at the core tunnel alpha. The few configs I’ve tested as well as ECDSA keys are working fine.

While creating an entry a few things popped out:

Missing (guess due to alpha state?)

  • Tray icon
  • Import/export configs
  • Smart Groups


  • The [TAB]-order of the “Forwarding” table doesn’t proceed to the next line. That would be helpful.


  • Identity file selection now with an additional file dialog for every entry instead of a dropdown box. I prefer a centralized view/tab/panel for the configuration of the private keys (like SSH Tunnel did in it’s global preferences tab). The Keychain and password info columns there were also useful at times.

  • I like the optional full-path-info for the used key in the advanced config tab and with “Equivalent Command” (which is great for testing, thanks)

Feature requests:

  • I’d really like to see which key is used in the host overview pane instead of the static string “publickey” next to “Authentication” (filename with optional full path maybe?)

  • A one-click-backup or “sync config in <folder>” feature

  • An autocomplete feature, which parses an existing .ssh/config for details while creating a new Tunnel and fills out what is known from the file. (cyberduck does does a great job at that)

  • A way to import already existing host configs from ~/.ssh/config. Or even some sort of selective sync mode, so one doesn’t have to update the tunnel entry when the corresponding entry in ~/.ssh/config changes.




I’d like to second the Tray Icon! It gives me instant visibility of any active connections and I use this app on a daily baisis for work :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the grand first-hand review :grinning:

I’ve created several topics to track things separately:

  • Tray icon
  • Import/export configs
  • Smart Groups
  • The [TAB]-order bug

And for your other thoughts and feature requests, I’ll create more topics for them later.

Unless you specify “Identity File” option explicitly, the actual used key can be only determined after connected. And if I understand you correctly, it is same as this feature request:

Will try to reveal the used key in next alpha.

Let’s track sync function at this topic:

Filed a proposal here:

After some investigation on this, we found that on macOS, proceed to next/prev lines should use arrow keys (:arrow_up: :arrow_down:) instead of TAB / Shift-TAB.

Using arrow keys is the recommended way to loop rows inside table, we have no reason to change this behavior.

thanks for the feedback on this, didn’t know that. =)