Crash when pressing shortcut key

I am not sure the 3.5.2 is fix or not, but I'm using this version and still got crash several times.
Core Shell_2021-09-29-045147_JerrydeMacBook-Pro.crash (105.5 KB)
Core Shell_2021-09-29-045529_JerrydeMacBook-Pro.crash (105.5 KB)
that's my crash log

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the crash log. Do you have reproduce steps? Which executable were you using when you experienced the crash issue?

Kindly Regards,


I am not sure but when I press some shortcut key and it crash suddenly.

Jerry Wang

Thank you for the information, I'm set to investigate this issue. Please let me know if you have any clues on this issue.


3.5.2 just crashed when trying to use vim (after wakeup), maybe the crash log helps
Core Shell_2021-09-30-093330_MM-GAR-M1-8.crash (103.5 KB)