Core Tunnel - The OpenSSH process terminated unexpectedly

OS: Ventura

## Test ##

Equivalent Command: ssh -N -L localhost:8088:localhost:80 -p 22
10:01:28 Connecting…
10:01:28 The OpenSSH process terminated unexpectedly.
10:01:28 Abnormal Disconnect
10:01:28 Connection failed, retry after 3s…
10:01:29 Disconnected

All endpoints not connecting anymore ((

Could you please Enable logging and pasted the desensitized log again?

Thank you,


Thank you for your reply
but already done

It seems ssh component crashed immediately after connecting, let's investigate system log instead:

  1. Open
  2. Click Start button, and type io.coressh.openssh in search field:
  3. Open Core Tunnel and connect the tunnel.



test.log (10.4 KB)


Thank you for the log. I can't find io.coressh.openssh in log, it seemed openssh process never launched by Core Tunnel.

Could you please installing Core Helper, and don't forget enable it in Core Tunnel > Preferences…

Kindly Regards,