Core Tunnel on Setapp

Long time user of Core Tunnel with Premium from the AppStore, my work laptop does not allow us to sign into the Apple store but allows Setapp and I am forced to use autossh, would it be possible to also release Core Tunnel on Setapp?

I negotiated with Setapp long time ago, they decided to hold it for future. I'll try to contact Setapp team again in the near future.

We just release Codinn Store version of Core Tunnel, as well as Core Shell, just download the DMG and install it to you Mac.

You can transfer your Premium license purchased on App Store by follow this topic:

Feel free to let me know if you need assistance.

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How do you uninstall Core Helper after transferring since it is unnecessary?
To be clear, the new version downloaded from drop on top of CoreTunnel in /Applications? Or export, remove all, install the new version, and import settings?

And last question, I will be replacing my MacBook Pro. Should I install a version from the App Store first, restore the license, and then install the new version on top?

Oh well, after shutting down previous running CoreTunnel and dropping the new version, after starting the new version my configurations are gone. I got an empty window. Is there an import from the previous?

Please refer to the Uninstall section in this topic.

You App Store license is synchronized as long as you have iCloud enabled, so theoretically you don't have to install App Store version first.

If your App Store version of Core Tunnel has sync enabled, you need to wait awhile to let iCloud sync data to the Codinn Store version.

Reinstall App Store version, and export profiles to a file if iCloud sync gets glitch.