Core Tunnel 1.3 not remembering multiple passwords



Core Tunnel 1.3 remembers the password for SSH tunnels in the keychain, and it will always remember the last password stored.

However if switching between multiple tunnels it does not remember the password passwords other than the last one entered. This is frustrating when I am connecting to multiple tunnels a day. Is it a bug that it does not remember passwords other than the last tunnel used?

(Yang.Y) #2

Core Tunnel stores the passwords into the system Keychain by using the host address as unique identifier. Could you please tell a lot more about your tunnels, do they have different host addresses, or all connect to the same host?


That sounds like the root cause :slight_smile:

I have 1 SSH tunnel to a bastion hosts which open up dozens of local sockets for other SSH tunnels, then use CoreTunnel to manage tunnels to all of these separate places to mount ports back to my local system. So in effect I have dozens of tunnels to localhost:1001 localhost:1002 localhost:1003, but each one is routed through the bastion host and goes to different places.

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As a workaround, is it possible for you to change the authentication method to publickey for al these remote ssh hosts?


Only public keys to the bastion host and on the call backs to the bastion. Only passwords at present on the secondary tunnels but I can look to add this in.

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Great, let me know if you need assistance on server configuration.


Cheers, will this be fixed in a future release?

(Yang.Y) #8

Yes, it should be fixed, I’ve added this in the list.