Core Shell can't initiate a shell anymore on MacOS

Long term Core Shell 3.6.2 Premium user here on MacOS Ventura 13.4 M1

Since the last OS update today CoreShell opens up but cannot create a local shell nor any ssh connection.

For ssh it says "Connection failed", for local terminal I get an empty screen but no shell (neither /bin/bash nor /bin/sh).

Nothing unusual shows in the Mac console except for one fault:

'NSKeyedUnarchiveFromData' should not be used to for un-archiving and will be removed in a future release

Any suggestions? Since this is the latest OS update I expect other users with the same symptoms soon.

Please try reinstall Core Helper:

BTW, also check System Settings > General > Login Items, make sure Core Shell and Codinn Technologies Co., Ltd. are enabled.

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Thanks Yang!

For some reason Codinn Tech was turned off in the "Allow in the Background" settings of the Login Items screen. Turning it on fixed the problem!

Maybe there is a way of detecting that at start-up and telling the user what to do, especially if these settings might get changed during an OS patch?

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