Core Helper 3.1 – Notarized

If you haven’t heard of Apple’s Notary Service, you can take a few minutes to read this article:

What is App Notarization on a Mac and why should I care?

App Notarization insures the app is malware-free before users begin to open it, it’s designed to protect both users and developers from malware.

With version 3.1, Core Helper gets notarized, malware-free and ease to use.

Also, Core Helper is now protected by the Hardened Runtime which was introduced in macOS Mojave.

Hardened Runtime

In macOS Mojave, Apple has introduced support for Hardened Runtime:

Applications cannot debug other apps or be debugged themselves unless they explicitly declare that capability

Attempts to access protected resources without predeclaring intent will result in a crash

Add the appropriate entitlement for each protected resource that your apps needs to access

Access still subject to user approval

Excerpt From: Your Apps and the Future of macOS Security - WWDC 2018

The hardened runtime prevents malicious software from accessing internal runtime data of the app, the drawback is this capability only available in macOS v10.14 and later.

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