Cannot connect to my EC2 instances after updating to 3.5

This morning I got an update for Core Shell and immediately updated it.

After completing the update (and updating core helper) I cannot connect to any of my EC2 instances, and I have many of those. I'm using ssh to connect to them. This is what I'm getting:

Connection failed, retry after 3s
[Abnormal Disconnect 16 Sep 2021 at 14:06:27]

I used iTerm2 and connected to instances without any problem. Prior to update, had no problems/issues with Core Shell.

Hi Emir, do you enable the Core Helper? Could you please set debug level to DEBUG3 and send me a desensitized connection log?


I managed to reproduce this issue by creating an EC2 instance with AWS SSM feature enabled.

Will make a hot fix release soon.

Thank you very much,


@ribice Could you please download and install Core Helper 6.3? This issue should be fixed after Core Helper upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3.

Hi Yang!

Hope you're fine, my friend.

Possible to implement Swift for 'auto-updates'?

Because you are working on this project so much, it would be great to have updates come down the pipe automatically?

Hi Harry, thank you for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, Sparkle is designed for general apps that have user interface, thus is not suitable for Core Helper.

Core Helper is small tool has very low memory footprint, cooperates with Core Shell/ Tunnel without user interactive, and most important, it has no user interface.

However, I'll go along with you on "auto-updates" feature, I've added it on long-term feature list, will implement it once we find a proper approach.

Thank you,