Both iCloud and Folder sync don't seem to be working

I just upgraded to Big Sur and did a fresh install. I installed Core Tunnel and restored my premium purchase, made sure Sync was set to iCloud but none of my tunnels restored.

Luckily, I have a bootable backup of my Catalina partition. I booted it and sure enough, it was saying everything was synced. So I made some duplicates of my tunnels from my Catalina install, thinking that might force the sync. I rebooted into Big Sur, but nothing appeared in the tunnel list.

So I exported my tunnels manually from my Catalina install and imported them into my Big Sur install, but I really don't trust that they are actually syncing. I also just now tried switching from iCloud sync to Folder sync. I created a new folder and checked that it said "Last synced: now"... Unfortunately, the folder is empty, so I don't really believe it.

Does sync work?

I confirm the sync works on Big Sur, for some reasons you've to relaunch the app for two or three times to force sync actually work.

I'll investigate this issue even further in next few days.