Big Sur - are you guys working on it?

Unfortunately I can't connect to any host, the app is crashing all the time I am trying to. I am talking about Big Sur beta. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love Core Shell and I want to be sure it is ready for the Big Sur release. At the end: do you have any early beta for me? :wink:

Big Sur still far from stable, the development environment keeps crashing so I never got changes to debug it, it's too early to say whose fault that leads Core Shell crashing.

We may not provide early beta, but I will try to release a workable update as soon as Big Sur reaches public beta (developer beta at this moment).

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Yang, thank you for the answer. You're right it is too early to make any sudden moves :slight_smile: I just like the app so much that I want to have it on a Big Sur as fast as possible. What I have found is that the app get's killed by the system because of "'/Applications/Core Shell'} attempted to call TCCAccessRequest for kTCCServiceAccessibility without the recommended entitlement" - hmmm... maybe the fix won't be that hard?

Not that easy to fix, the word private implies it might be an entitlement only available for Apple internally. There is very little information about this entitlement on internet, even not exist in Apple's development document.

Core Shell does not do anything special on Accessibility, so I think it is very likely a bug or a change in progress of Transparency Consent and Control (TCC) system.

I understand that you're looking forward to use Core Shell on Big Sur, I'll keep an eye on this issue, and write to Apple dev team if it still happens on public beta of Big Sur.

Please update this thread if you find any other clues.


For when you guys start working on this - not sure if it would help, but I was having the same issue, but what I found is that it works fine if I am just on my laptop with no peripherals. However, when I plug in my keyboard/mouse I can no longer connect to host like OP. I have no idea why that would affect it, but I did pretty extensive plugging/unplugging and narrowed it down to that (all the same software apps were running).

Hi Guys

Good work on Core Tunnel.

I am on the public beta of MacOS Big Sur and I can confirm that Tunnel and Core both have significant issues. It appears that the config data is not stored (I think) and the display of config is broken.


Steven, will set to work on this next week, and I'll update this thread once I draw a conclusion.

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This is really frustrating. I get that Big Sur is not production, but your app is the only app I depend on that doesn't work (in fact the only app that hasn't worked from the very beginning of beta). I've reverted to my old autossh solution, I'm hopeful you'll fix your product. As of now I've disabled auto-renewal of my subscription, and I hope I don't forget about you before you fix it.

Really with Big Sur both the core shell and the core tunnel are presenting several problems. I'm trying really hard to be able to use the tools, often just as you need to use other programs.
I would really like a greater speed of updates for a better operation of Big Sur, but it is worth remembering that the OS is not stable and each update is a surprise but it is necessary to support and encourage the developers at this time. As a suggestion if possible to define an update schedule or a fixed topic at this critical time

Have found the root cause, will release an update ASAP.

Core Shell / Tunnel 2.5 is available for upgrading, it fixed an issue could leads empty profile list on macOS Big Sure Beta. Release notes:

Known Issues

As of macOS Big Sur Beta 8, a potential bug of system of AppKit framework could prevent Core Shell/ Tunnel prompt user for passwords/passphrases.

We've filed a bug report to Apple, and there are lots of similar reports already sitting there. Before Apple comes to a conclusion, we recommend you use passphrase-less public-key authentication or ssh-agent to log into your host.

macOS Big Sur Beta 9 seems has fixed bug of system of AppKit framework, please upgrade to Beta 9 or later if you're using macOS Big Sur.